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Know your World (Oxford–2)


We live in our homes with our _________.

(a) family

(b) friends

(c) cousins

Father and mother both are ________.

(a) parents

(b) friends

(c) family

I am a ________ of my parents.

(a) father

(b) child

(c) brother

My mother is a ________ of my father.

(a) wife

(b) sister

(c) friend

My father is a _______ of my mother.

(a) friend

(b) husband

(c) brother

My sister is _______ of my father.

(a) daughter

(b) mother

(c) friend

My brother is a _______ of my father.

(a) daughter

(b) son

(c) parents

The children of my uncles called me _______.

(a) cousin

(b) brother

(c) sister

Family & Society

We wear different _________.

(a) clothes

(b) things

(c) not wear

The clothes protect our ________.

(a) body

(b) things

(c) eyes

We dress up according to our _________.

(a) climate

(b) home

(c) design

In winter we wear ________ clothes.

(a) warm 

(b) light

(c) thin

In summer we wear _______ clothes.

(a) light

(b) warm

(c) thin

We should save our cloths from _______.

(a) dust

(b) energy

(c) sun

I learn many _________ things from my teacher.

(a) good

(b) bad

(c) not

At school we read different ________.

(a) subjects

(b) games

(c) things

We get education from ________.

(a) school

(b) home

(c) street

I also ________ part in co-curricular activities.

(a) take

(b) not take

(c) going

For being good we should adopt _______ manners.

(a) good

(b) bad

(c) beautiful

If we do good we shall be _______ by all.

(a) liked

(b) don’t like

(c) love

Being polite is a _______ manner.

(a) good


(b) bad

(c) both

To quarrel with other is ________ manner.


(a) good

(b) bad

(c) beautiful


We deposit money in ________.

(a) bank

(b) school

(c) hospital

We get medicines at ________.

(a) hospital

(b) school

(c) bank

We buy things from _______.

(a) market

(b) hospital

(c) bank

We say prayers in _______.

(a) shopping mall 

(b) school

(c) mosque

We get education from ________.

(a) bank

(b) school

(c) mosque

We post letters by _______.

(a) post office

(b) school

(c) bank

We catch the train at ________.

(a) bus stop

(b) station

(c) school

In cities there is a heavy rush of _______.

(a) peoples

(b) cars

(c) traffic

Traffic signs _________ the fast flow of traffic.

(a) control

(b) goes

(c) rules

We should cross the road only from _______.

(a) zebra crossing   

(b) foot path

(c) center the road

In which the colour of light we stop?

(a) red

(b) green

(c) yellow

When the light is yellow what should we do?

(a) stop

(b) ready to move

(c) start and go

We should adopt the traffic ________.

(a) rules

(b) education

(c) not follow

We go to garden to enjoy fresh _______.

(a) air

(b) flower

(c) meals

The children go to the park for playing different ___________.

(a) games

(b) reading

(c) walk

There are rose of flower and _______ in the garden.

(a) planets

(b) butterfly

(c) bee

The fun and games make us ________ and relaxed.

(a) fresh

(b) dull

(c) busy

When we work for a long time we become tired and feel ___________.

(a) burden

(b) happy

(c) fresh

Our surrounding is called our _______.

(a) environment

(b) streets

(c) houses

We should plant more _______.

(a) garden

(b) trees

(c) animals

Smoke makes our environment _______.

(a) dirty

(b) clean

(c) fresh

We should keep our houses ________.

(a) close

(b) dirty

(c) clean

We should throw the _______ in a closed container.

(a) waste

(b) trees

(c) clothes


On earth all men are like ________.

(a) brothers

(b) sisters

(c) parents

We should share and ________ of others.

(a) good

(b) care

(c) not care

Our earth is like a big _______.

(a) family

(b) member

(c) river

We should share with _______.

(a) rich

(b) poor

(c) young man

We should talk _______.

(a) politely

(b) rubbish

(c) do not talk

We exchange ________.

(a) clothes

(b) bags

(c) gifts

We care for the ill _______.

(a) neighbours

(b) animals

(c) birds

I play with my street ________.

(a) sister

(b) animal

(c) friends

We live in the _______.

(a) streets

(b) country

(c) forest

To take care of neighbour is a ________ teaching.

(a) Islamic

(b) home

(c) teacher

The name of my country is _______.

(a) India

(b) Pakistan

(c) America

Pakistan comes into existence on _________.

(a) 14 August 1947

(b) 15 August 1947

(c) 16 August 1947

Pakistan has _______ provinces.

(a) six

(b) five

(c) four

How many rivers are there in the Punjab?

(a) five

(b) six

(c) seven

Faisal Masjid is situated at ________.

(a) Islamabad

(b) Karachi

(c) Lahore

We live in our ________.

(a) street

(b) house

(c) forest

In cities the houses built with ________.

(a) wood

(b) mud

(c) cement

In villages the house was built with ________.

(a) mud 

(b) cement

(c) clay

The clay bricks are then baked in ________.   

(a) furnace

(b) kitchen

(c) gas

A layer of cement is coated on the _______ wall.

(a) brick

(b) stone

(c) wood


For our sound health we should keep our body _______.

(a) clean

(b) dirty

(c) not clean

We should ________ the hair properly.

(a) past

(b) comb

(c) bath

I polish my _________.

(a) hair

(b) room

(c) shoes

I cut nails ________.

(a) every week 

(b) daily

(c) not cut

I take bath _______.

(a) every week

(b) daily

(c) not take

Food gives us ______.

(a) energy

(b) fruits

(c) squash

We get butter from _______.

(a) mutton

(b) flour

(c) milk

Salad is made of _______.

(a) vegetables

(b) milk

(c) mutton

The meat of goat is called _______.

(a) beef    

(b) mutton

(c) chicken

Bread is made of ________.

(a) flour

(b) milk

(c) mutton

We should take care of ________.

(a) others

(b) ourselves 

(c) animals

Do not dive into the deep ________.

(a) canal

(b) oil 

(c) tools

Do not use sharp ________.

(a) matches 

(b) tools

(c) moving bus

Do not touch electric ________.

(a) wires

(b) chemicals

(c) tools

Never play with ________.

(a) toys

(b) ball

(c) fire 

General Knowledge

The tools make our work ________.

(a) easy

(b) tuff

(c) none of these

To open the bottle, we use _______.

(a) nails 

(b) scissor

(c) bottle opener

We use _______ for turning and firing.

(a) piler 

(b) scissor

(c) hammer

For cutting purpose we use _______.

(a) nails 

(b) scissor

(c) hammer

For hitting something we use _______. 

(a) hammer

(b) nail

(c) scissor

How many time phases in a day?

(a) six

(b) seven

(c) eight

A day is divided into a _______ hours.

(a) 24

(b) 26 

(c) 28

A week is divided into _______ days.

(a) 8 

(b) 7 

(c) 9

A year is divided into _______ months.

(a) 12

(b) 13

(c) 14

A month is divided into ________ days.

(a) 30, 31

(b) 30, 32

(c) 31, 35